Time To Stand Up

How to loose 28% of your followers on Facebook.

‘Help Report Hate And Anti Semitic Pages’ went from close to 15,000 likes to under 11,000 in just under 2 hours. The time it took for Facebook to filter it all out. Here’s the story, parents pay attention !!

Approximately 5 months ago we created a page. Went through all the steps slowly to get it done right. Started out to reach a larger audience outside of our ‘secret’ group that would allow us to take advantage of others to help us report other pages and open groups that are blatantly spewing hate, anti Semitism, Holocaust denial & conspiracy theories. Between asking for additional help, we also post the truth about Israel to contradict BDS’ers, stories of anti Semitism today, stories from the Holocaust to NEVER FORGET and just all around pro Jewish stories from around the world. To avoid entertaining members that may not be their “cup of tea” We’ve filtered out countries, set an age limit (17 & over), put close to 20 admins to ban those that may start trouble or to hide a comment should one use vulgar language. There have been many of times where we took horrific pages from our ‘secret group’ and transferred it to the page for quicker removals.

Trying to enhance our page gearing it toward our demonstration on Oct 14 10am in front of Facebook’s headquarters, we went back into the settings. Added a phone number, email address & links to our blogs. Then went back to check on every other available icon to make sure things were cool. Well…. They weren’t !! Facebook reset the age limit to ALL. Frantic as some of our content might be controversial, we quickly set it back to 17+, then bam !! Over 4,000 were removed, meaning those underaged saw some things they shouldn’t have. We are truly sorry for that & will do our best to make sure this doesn’t slip through the cracks again.

Parents these days are dealing with a whole new problem today with social media & Facebook being one of the worst of them all. There is only so much one can do to supervise your children’s use due to technology. No more do they only have a computer at home (were you can glance) you have armed them with cellphones where they can connect without your knowledge. Are you aware of their ‘likes’ or groups that they are in ? It’s high time you guys get a grip on it’s content. Bully pages, groups that make fun of others, religion that may not be what YOU are instilling in them, propaganda and conspiracy theories ? Don’t know where the list starts nor where it ends. The search bar is dangerous, friends adding them to groups they originally had no interest in and worse… Pages that ‘pay’ Facebook to gather more “likes” that end up in their news feeds. How many deaths have you read in the news over bullying or being persuaded to do unlawful acts due to peer pressure ? Pages/groups that target a race, religion or gender ? Most are filled with conspiracy theories and our children take the word of a friend or a blog above the actual truth.

I urge you all to follow the few blogs we’ve written and hope you step up to the plate with us in this much needed protest. You can look for a phone number to call Facebook, but you won’t find one. They are very good at gathering our personal information, but can’t seem to put an end to some major flaws. Speak out !! We are now living in a world where social media is sidetracking the very values you are trying to instill in your children.

Save the date. October 14 10am Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, Ca. Tell your friends. Inform the media. Force Facebook to abide by the very community standards it put in place.

Michael Mendelson


Exposing Facebook’s Lack Of Morals

It’s urgent to get worldwide coverage on this event. Facebook must be held accountable for their blatant disrespect of many using social media. It is so important, that this must be exposed before plan B starts to take shape. Soon internet.org will gain momentum and the world will see 5 billion more users. We have seen social media’s power via the news of uprisings in third world countries. It just may be the cause of WWIII if this continues its course. We urge you all to get involved with this event whether attending, promoting, sponsoring and most important, have this published in every newspaper. The reporting system has a major flaw. Captions as shown here are still up and do NOT violate “community standards”. Hope you are as outraged as we are !!

Many are not aware of the ‘dark’ side of social media, and certainly not the extent of it. Anti- Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, credible threats of violence pages, groups and profiles are running rampant throughout Facebook. We’ve created a page about 4 months ago and gained almost 12,000 likes. We have had success in removing many of these pages privately for about two years now. We have just uncovered several prostitution pages with filthy pictures, phone numbers and open email contacts. Some of these pages are ‘sponsored’ (paid to advertise), meaning that you have no choice but to see them, not something one can just block. My 16 year old gets these ads on his feeds. Does this belong in social media? We can monitor our children at home, but they all have smartphones these days. Cyber bullying continues to torment our youth. Amanda Todd took her life 10 months ago, yet these kids persist.

We have successfully removed over 500 pages this past year. With each successful removal the very same admins start anew and are replaced just as fast as we get them removed. That will be just one part of our demand letter & statement that we’ll be protesting. Yet there are well over 1,000 on our list.

Next step of action would be to hold a demonstration in front of Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. We have started promoting and working with authorities to gain the proper permits. All legal matters have been handled and police protection has been arranged. That’s where your help is needed. We are asking for your support in promoting the event further. We have close to 300 people attending, but want to attract thousands more. (See blog link on the bottom). The date is October 14, 2013 at 10am.

Online Hate Prevention, Stand With Us & Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors are also onboard as they are aware of the severity.

We must do this for the safety of our children. It’s our duty to keep FB clean. There is a possibility of another demonstration at the same time in NYC. Will keep you posted on that, but goal remains in California where my friends and I will be.

Michael Mendelson

One of 4 blogs

A link to “our” page

You may be asking yourself, “it can’t be that bad. So here are just a pics off of these pages. Follow some links for yourself. If you find some broken, it only means we reached success in removing it, but there are over 1,200 on file just as vile.


Beginning stage of our demand letter. Should have it completed very soon.

We believe Facebook is one of this century’s most important communications tools not only in the United States but globally. We believe Facebook Inc has a social responsibility to run the Facebook platform is fair and transparent manner. We commend Facebook for prohibiting Hate Speech in its terms of service, but feel this does not go far enough. We also believe, based on our own observations, that the provisions against hate speech that currently exist are not seriously or effectively enforced.

We call on Facebook to:
1. Revert back to the only rule under which ‘hateful speech’ was prohibited rather than ‘hate speech’. This captures a far wider variety of hate, and Facebook should not condone the use of its platform as a channel for hate against any individual or group.

2. Have a person properly review the first complaint about any content. Algorithms for identifying hate are fine when they are identifying hate in the system themselves, but if a person takes the time to make a report, Facebook must take sufficient staff time to properly consider it.

3. Be transparent about the way complaints are reviewed. If a large volume of complaints are made about the same content in a relatively short period of time, then it is fair for a certain number of those to be logged and dismissed without reviewing the content again, however:

a. Users must be told this is what happen to their report
b. A sufficient number of complaints should trigger a fresh assessment by a different reviewer or manager
c. Additional fresh assessments should occur periodically (based on elapsed time or volume of complaints) and at each point of escalation a more senior Facebook staff member should review the reports.
d. It should be possible for a sufficiently serious complaint (relative to all other complaints) to rise all the way up to the CEO and the board for final determination if it is not upheld earlier on, and keeps being reported on mass.
4. Improve quality control of the complaints process. Facebook should conduct random audits of complaints and publically report on the percent of complaints that on review are decided wrongly. Facebook should also set an expected quality of service for complaint handling and take steps to address the problem when the quality drops below this threshold. We believe there is an extreme bias against upholding complaints, and that that right now so many complaints are wrongly dismissed that a tossing a coin to make the decision would on average give a better result than Facebook’s manual review.

5. Work with local NGOs that focus on hate speech in each of the countries in which Facebook has users. Most of Facebook’s audience is outside the United States and the nature of hate speech differs country by country. Facebook can’t focus just on American partners to assist it in recognising hate. Facebook needs to directly work with and learn from local organisations fighting hate speech around the globe. Facebook should run a more open consultation on policy matters and invite these organisations to participate.
Recognise Holocaust denial as a form of hate speech. Facebook’s continued refusal to acknowledge Holocaust denial as a form of hate speech is a disgrace that must be fixed. This issue will not go away until Facebook fixes it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Open Plea For Help

To whom it may concern,

My name is Michael Mendelson and I am a concerned citizen that is working to remove hate pages from Facebook. My goal is for this letter to make it all the way to the desk of every major official in government and mainstream media. Today, there are many major issues with social media and Facebook is the main target for now because millions use it daily and they have no one (not even themselves) regulating its content. In it, you will find anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, credible threats of violence (including promoting Jihad), graphic nudity, solicitation of prostitution, open targets of ethical, racial and religious groups/pages and profiles running rampant through it. Some pages are so violent that we have contacted the FBI, but to no avail. These pages are still in existence and seen by countless numbers of people every day.

We are a group of over 10,000 (and growing!) that are reporting such pages to Facebook. It usually takes thousands of reports to get Facebook’s attention in order to have them removed. We hope that somehow you can intervene to help us before our protest that is scheduled for Oct 14 at 10am. If there is no way that you can help us before then, then can you please join us at our protest to make them accountable for holding to the very “community standards” they have set forth for all? At this time, there is no customer service with a live operator that can look into our *very* credible violators. We find this to be unacceptable for a company that’s worth billions. Free speech is our freedom in the great United States, but this goes above and beyond. We are not talking about one or two pages here, but literally *thousands*. (on file)

The way things are set up now, *anyone* can create a page or an open group to spew all the horrible things that we mentioned above. If we are lucky with finally getting a removal, a new one replaces it within hours. There is no reprimand for these violators, and all they have to do is start anew. This is a major business that relies on such pages “promoting” by (paying) their causes to gain “likes” and immunity from getting removed. Having said this, yes… We can block a person we don’t want to see, but we can’t close our eye to “sponsored” pages or open groups spewing hatred. And still with the convenient *search bar* they are also clearly visible.

You have to keep in mind that our children are trolling this site via their computers, tablets, and smartphones. As parents, we can not supervise them 24/7. We must take action before more people get hurt. Some have already made good on their threats and the results have been tragic. Do we need another Amanda Todd who took her life almost 10 months ago over this ? Believe it or not, we still fight new pages for her to this *day* that won’t let her rest in peace ! Do we need people to gang up against an ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or religious belief to have a FREE platform to spread hatred around the world? Why hasn’t Facebook been contacting the authorities on true credible threats of violence ? As an American, I hold the company responsible.
We appreciate your time and attention to this very important matter facing our nation and its people in these very “connected” times. I look forward to hearing from you soon and together we can help stop the spread of callous hate and save countless lives.

With regards,

Michael Mendelson

This has been emailed and sent certified mail to

Us Department Of Justice

Department Of Homeland Security

Will list all journalists and media sources after confirmationImage

Explaining The Rally. Demonstration At FB On Oct 14

Facebook Inc.
1601 Willow Rd
Menlo Park, Ca. 94025

Event created by:
Remove Hate From Facebook
Michael Mendelson

Guest speakers
Michael Mendelson
Fred Taub
Randi Susan Klein
More to be announced

Sponsored by (All will be non bipartisan)
Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors http://www.cjhsla.org
Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sign-Petitions-to-Ban-Holocaust-Denial-from-Social-Media-as-Hate-Speech/587130521301544?fref=ts
Boycott Watch http://www.boycottwatch.com
Pamela Geller

Co Sponsors
Fred Taub, Rebecca Thomas, Lisa Alberts, Erin Kourtney, Mel Korn, Bat Zion Sacks Michal Deckel. And will add 100’s more

Many of you may be asking yourselves so many questions surrounding this event – why is it important to attend and show your support, where is it being held, what is the purpose and what we are trying to achieve? I will do my best to answer as many of these questions as possible. If I have missed anything you feel is important or would like to contribute to this blog, please speak up and help make this event the biggest success possible.

Why is this cause so important ?
Facebook is a social utility intended to connect people from around the globe. We can all remember the day we signed up expecting a fun and social experience that made time and space seem insignificant. Family and friends never seemed so close. You could share your joys and your sorrows, laugh at jokes, keep up with the latest news, become a member of a group or “like” a page, even benefit from corporate offers and so much more. And all in the name of entertainment. Facebook has become an important part of our daily lives and admittedly for many of us, our browser homepage.

As Facebook continues to penetrate deeper into our lives, our interests have been shifted and our attention has been drawn elsewhere. With a convenient toolbar, we are now exposed to the dark side of social media. It is no longer about our interests rather about sponsored pages, open groups and live feeds that tell us far more than we could ever have imagined. Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, pedophilia, gender discrimination, credible threats of violence, pornographic content, jihadist propaganda, harassment and PURE HATRED towards gender, race, and religion are just the tip of the iceberg. The “block” feature is not enough ! You can’t erase those hateful words directed at you or forget you ever saw that heinous picture calling for the annihilation of a religious group. What are we supposed to do ? Take the time out to report it ? We just get a message back stating “it does not violate community standards”, so that doesn’t help unless we alert many friends to act upon it & even then the chances of removal are slim to none. If your lucky, the offender may get a warning like a slap on the hand. What about the people that gather together reporting pages/groups/profiles that spend hours trying to clean up Facebook’s contents that are in 100% violation ? Did the results change ? Again, the answer is no. No matter how bad the offense may be, it seems our hands are tied. You can google, bing, ask.com, yahoo, aol or use any search engine and you will NOT find a number to call. Human contact is nonexistent, there is no humanity.

So where do we stand ? We are outraged !! It’s time to focus on these issues surrounding the social media. It is no secret (even acknowledged by FB) that there is a serious problem however their team of employees are not working hard or fast enough to control and contain this threat. The world needs to know what is happening. We will carry signs saying that Facebook allows hate and prejudice even though it is a far cry “free speech”. Facebook is giving people a platform to transmit hate. It’s doing absolutely nothing to remove these pages/groups/profiles unless it hits a certain amount of complaints and only THEN will they look into it and finally remove the violators. Yet for every successful removal spawns the very same violators into creating a replacement. Now even under false headings within the hour. Do we as viewers need to be exposed to gory or offensive content when we are not looking for it ? Is a post credible because it’s a YouTube link ? A link from a blog ? A cartoon picture, but not look at the caption ? We will demonstrate for the sake of our children/grandchildren (all of whom have smartphones), for the honor of our dwindling survivors, for the memory of those that have perished, to save a life who takes such things to heart and hold Facebook accountable for the very “community standards” they put in place that they expect us to abide by, but choose to turn a blind eye to those who don’t.

We are demanding very little from a company that’s worth billions. We are demanding first and foremost to encourage dialog by having a customer service number making it possible to speak with a live person. Your “easy” to report icon is no longer enough. You’re computer savvy programmers can easily implement a command that would make it impossible to publish a page/group/profile with simple key words such as fuck, bastard, shit, hitler, kill, behead, death or sex to name just a few. To implement a command for those that have previously violated by removal from creating a new page/group. Should deny all obvious fake accounts from being created. Ban repeat offenders for longer than 30 days. To give “us” the watchdog group a special number to call and alert. The possibilities are endless.

The time has now come for you to stand up with us on Oct 14 to show you care. To tell Facebook that THEY created community standards and must uphold to them. This negative attention will finally put Facebook in the hot seat and force them to make the necessary changes. It will alert the police when crimes are committed and go a step further with the FBI for more serious offenders. It’s not up to it’s users to locate and do this work for them. My hopes are for the mainstream and international media show up and expose this ! Make Facebook what it’s initial intentions were supposed to be…. A social utility for connecting people not for dividing them by hate.

Facebook does not allow pictures of nudity or graphic violence, comments that harass, annoy, or target an individual, or hate speech. The latter includes comments that target an ethnic, racial or religious group. And 9 months now since Amanda Todd took her life over much of what has been covered here, we still have a daily task of trying to remove those pages.

Therefore, by its own standards, and in keeping with the majority of international opinion where in many countries Holocaust Denial is a crime, Facebook can and should ban Holocaust Denial pages and groups as a form of hate speech. The goal is to get face book to change its policy of allowing holocaust denial pages, and to put an algorithm in place which automatically weeds out these pages. Don’t confuse this with free speech.

For those that sample links of just 200… Feel free to email me for it. You must prove to be over 21 to get a copy !!


The Demonstration At Facebook’s Headquarters

Facebook Inc.
1601 Willow Rd
Menlo Park, Ca. 94025
October 14th 2013 10am

Event created by
Remove Hate From Facebook
Michael Mendelson

Guest speakers
Michael Mendelson
Fred Taub
More to be announced

Sponsored by (all will be non bipartisan)
Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors http://www.cjhsla.org & FB https://www.facebook.com/cjhsla?ref=ts&fref=ts
Boycott Watch http://www.boycottwatch.com
Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sign-Petitions-to-Ban-Holocaust-Denial-from-Social-Media-as-Hate-Speech/587130521301544?fref=ts
Others to be announced

Co sponsors
Fred Taub

We are demanding that Facebook give us an actual direct phone number to their report department. We have found that many pages/groups and profiles do violate community standards that Facebook has put in place for us to abide by, yet they are not standing by their own rules that have been implemented. We also demand the police or in some instances the FBI look into where these profiles are coming from.

Facebook has acknowledged this problem for some time now, but they haven’t done much as far as restructuring it. Our hopes are of a huge turnout including local, mainstream and international media which will pick up on this and expose this problem around the globe.

We are not trying to take away freedom of speech. What we are saying, though, is that social media should not be used as a FREE platform to allow anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, pedophilia, bullying, anti-gender, Jihadist and other credible threats of violence pages/groups or profiles to be available to anyone including young children to see with a simple search in the toolbar. Violators should be held accountable for what they have done and continue to do.

As of now, we are expecting a large turnout of close to 1,000 on October 14, 2013. On our side, we will have ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Center’ and a couple of great speakers (to be announced once we get 100% confirmation).

This is a personal event consisting of ordinary concerned citizens. We are not a non-profit or any type of organization. Having made that point clear, there will be some expenses which you may help us with which would be paid directly to the source.

1. There is no parking. We need a shuttle to bring people in.

2. Protest signs need to be designed and then printed for our demonstrators to hold.

3. Some guest speakers are asking for just the minimum to be able to attend. They need transportation and lodging.

Other ways you can help without it costing you anything:

If you plan on showing up or not, please email or call anyone who can grow or gain recognition to this event. Please contact local, mainstream and international news outlets. Also, you can contact organizations that would support us and ‘Pages’ you ‘like’ on Facebook and so on.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can bring back what Facebook’s initial intentions WERE. We were able to connect with old friends, keep connected with family, post happy or hardships in our life. We could also post pictures of our families and stay informed by many worthwhile pages and news without the worry of being personally attacked. Are you with us?

Michael Mendelson



Demonstration October 14 2013 Facebook Headquarters

Our FB campaign


Monday October 14 2013 we will come together to rally in front of Facebook”s headquarters

Facebook Inc.

1601 Willow Rd

Menlo Park, CA. 94025

Demonstration wil start at 10 am. We’ve had enough of our VERY credible reports fall on deaf ears. Each time we have success in removing one… 5 more appear. Grinding water is an understatement. We are searching for Facebook to comply with our efforts to speak with a real employee within the company (valid phone number) to look into all pages/groups and profiles that clearly violate “community standards” This has become a serious problem that must be fixed. We hope that many of you will join us, as I’m sure the outrage is mutual. This cause is all out of pocket. No donations needed, your help and commitment is all that’s necessary.

Facebook has announced a policy of allowing Holocaust Denial and Anti-Israeli pages on its site under the guise of free speech. The first amendment only applies to state action. Therefore, it does not apply to facebook, which is a private company. Furthermore, we believe that these pages violate face books terms of service in that they target a religious group.

With a quick and easy search you can find such pages, plus many more. Uncovered were other pages/groups & profiles while on a different mission. So here we go to expose those as well. Credible threat of violence, bully, under age child pornography, women’s rights violations,  and then some. Amanda Todd has been very hurtful as well. The poor girl committed suicide about 9 months ago due to bullying. Pages keep popping back up again & again. We are running out of energy on trying to put an end to 100’s if not 1000’s of them.

One thing is freedom of speech, but what we have here is far worse and beyond comprehension. Not enough that bloody pictures, young girls pics with terrible captions remain untouched, so do videos since they seem appropriate to post since it’s “YouTube approved” Not only do we want or demand an actual employee to speak with, we also are looking for police to get involved to interrogate these admins & creators of these topics in question. FBI should also be involved with those who are really looking for a platform to gather a following that one day just may make good on their threats. Nothing has seemed to work for us & the time is NOW for the mainstream media to get involved to help “control” a company that has lost it, but could bring it back with minimal effort.

“Face book states that it allows these hate pages under the auspices of the first amendment. The US Constitution only applies to State action. The Constitution only prohibits the states from interfering with our rights. Face book is a private company. It is not a government. Therefore, the first amendment is not applicable.”

Furthermore, face book says it does not allow hate speech on its site. Yet, what we have here clearly falls into the category of hate speech…” (Then give your examples of the you tube videos it allow which show violence against women or young girls).

Michael Mendelson

Feel free to contact me via email on how you can help


You will be updated this week with links to all pages on file. Revisit us soon.