Facebook HQ Street Protest Heats Up

Dear Concerned American:
Please read the attached press-release.  It has to do with the very foundation of what America  was built upon.  Freedom of speech vs the freedom to practice religion. While the government is shut-down, Facebook continues to run antisemitic hate pages. 
Please join us online or in person for the October 14th protest march outside Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.
Remember, hate is a terrible thing.
Let’s join in peaceful protest with the goal of changing Facebook policy to honor and respect everyone equally.
See you at the protest and thank you.
Michael Mendelson
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   CONTACT:  rhatepages@yahoo.com
Michael Mendelson: (754) 217-1184
Shame Book Campaign Against Facebook Heats Up
Major Rally at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park
October 14, 2013, 10am
“ShameBook” must be completely socially responsible
SAN FRANCISCO – October 7, 2013.   An online campaign against Facebook’s irresponsibly lax policy of allowing anti-Semitic hate speech to flourish is not only picking up speed, but now a major protest at Facebook headquarters is garnering support across the globe.
Protest organizer Michael Mendelson says Facebook routinely removes hate pages targeting racial minorities and the LGBT community, but routinely allows anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate pages to stay up online and he is one Jewish American citizen determined to do something about it.   On October 14, 2013 at exactly 10am, Mendelson’s planned protest rally outside the Menlo Park, California headquarters of the international social media giant Facebook, Inc. now includes – what are estimated to be – thousands of boots-on-the-ground supporters.  
“I don’t think Facebook realizes that hate against Jews is being propagated through abuse of their site.   I just wonder if they realize how big an issue this is.”
Fortunately for the African American or Gay American communities, when enough people complain to Facebook, the pages are immediately red-flagged then removed.  All Mendelson is asking for is the same respectful treatment towards the Jewish American people, and implores Facebook to remove anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate pages in the same swift fashion.  Says Mendelson:
As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing less than an online Holocaust, because that tragedy happened simply because no one tried to stop it. Let’s do something today, before it’s too late.” 
Michael Mendelson is confident his message (which is supported by The Online Hate Institute and The Zionist Organization of America) will be heard, and so are thousands of supporters, who have vowed to show up and make their voices heard.  Police and local communities are aware of the looming protest march which is expected to be peaceful.  Says Michael Mendelson: 
“Until meaningful policy changes are implemented, Facebook will be known as ‘ShameBook’.  We’re confident once they pay attention, they will do the right thing.”  
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