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TImageThank you again for your support in the campaign demanding Facebook do more to stop the spread antisemitism and Holocaust denial. This update lets you know how we are doing, and we hope you will pass it on to othersto help grow the campaign.

So far our online petition has 355 supporters (including you of course!) we need another 1,145 supporters to reach our target and we have 10 days in which to make that happen.

The protest outside Facebook’s offices (where this petition will be given to Facebook) will take place on the 14th of October, so it’s important we reach or exceed out goal before then. This is not just an online petition, it’s a statement demanding realistic change which will be brought home to Facebook in the real world. So far over 350 people have said they are attending the protest.

With your support we can find the 1,145 remaining signatures before time runs out. If we can’t find a total of 1,500 people willing to take a stand against antisemitism and Holocaust denial… that’s a rather scary thought. Please help us by sharing this e-mail and letting others know about this campaign whatever way you can. Some further details are below.

Dr Andre Oboler
CEO, Online Hate Prevention Institute
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The protest

The October 14 Protest outside Facebook’s Offices currently has over 350 people registered to attend. If you can make it, register your attendance here.

  • Where: Facebook, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA. 94025
  • When: 10am October 14th 2013
  • Why: To call on Facebook to do more to stop online hate

The protest is organised by Michael Mendelson and the “Help Report Hate & Anti Semitic Pages” Facebook page and supported by the Online Hate Prevention Institute, the Zionist Organization Of America, Stand With Us, Stand With Us San DiegoChildren Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial From FB As Hate Speech, They Can’t, Boycott Watch, and SFI Students For Israel,

Michael Mendelson also has a fundraising campaign to support the protest, you can read more / give him your support here.

Media contact: Michael Mendelson
Phone: (754) 217-1184

The petition

A breakdown of support for the petition is shown to the right. Supporters have come at least 24 countries including:Australia, Austria, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, Republic of Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States.

Help us grow the petition by spreading the word! Send people to:
Other recent news related to antisemitism from the Online Hate Prevention Institute…
This report examines a Holocaust denial page on Facebook in detail and gives examples of the images it promotes. It also provides detailed instructions for reporting the content. The way Facebook keeps ignoring people’s reports is exactly why your support for the October 14 protest is so important. See the report here.

Details from a video

This briefing focuses on the six images in OHPI’s campaign video which relate to antisemitism or the Holocaust. A detailed background is provided on each image.See the briefing here.

Long Term Change: The Software to make Facebook AccountableThe Online Hate Prevention Institute is currently running an appeal to raise funds to enable us to increase the impact we are having in combating online antisemitism, Holocaust denial and other forms of hate. The funds raised will support work developing new online tools which will empower social media users and hold companies like Facebook and YouTube publicly accountable.

Donations are made in $US and can be made internationally. Money goes to OHPI’s Online Hate Prevention Fund. As OHPI is An Australian charity, donations from Australian tax payers are fully tax deductible (see details).

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