What We Want & What We Need For The Rally

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your continued support and our campaign to get all hate pages to be removed from Facebook.  Facebook routinely removes hate pages aimed at African Americans, the LGBT community and other minorities.  However; when it comes to hate pages targeted at the Jewish people, Facebook is very slow to respond.   Our campaign, “Help Report Hate & Anti-Semitic Pages” is a boulder rolling down the hill, picking up speed, getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  Facebook was created by the involvement and networking of individuals around the world.   We believe Facebook can be held accountable in the same way this country was created.  By the people.

On Monday October 14 at 10am, Help Report Hate & Anti-Semitic Pages is leading an organized protest, bringing this all important free speech issue to the doorstep of Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California.  Freedom of Speech affects us all, Jewish or not.   Our goal is to force the powers that be at Facebook to pick up a hammer and tear down the wall of hate and harassment which is routinely built on their cyber-property.   Facebook can no longer pretend to be an innocent slumlord, turning a blind eye to the criminals living and committing crimes on their property. The amount of support our campaign is receiving from around the world is astonishing, as it is humbling.

We at Help Report Hate & Anti-Semitic Pages believe that once our message is heard loud and clear, things will change.   Remember, we’re not asking for the world.   We’re just asking for the Facebook board to change their rules and implement meaningful changes.   We are coming from the point of view that, Facebook being such a behemoth corporation that they are simply not aware of the problem.


HRH&ASP is a small cadre of volunteers, passionate with the ideals from which this wonderful country was founded:  Freedom of Speech, without purposefully hurting individuals or groups.   We are literally running on a shoe-string budget and people have been very generous.   What we need now are three things:  Volunteers, Ideas, and funding.  Currently our campaign is being financed out of the pockets and life-savings of a few good behind-the-scenes heroes. Hard-working men and women who still believe in the ideals of a free country.

Simple things like designing and printing posters, brochures with the demand letter, T-shirts, purchasing ads, renting the stage and sound equipment, transportation to the event location on October 14th are currently beyond an arm’s length within our current financial grasp.   As you can imagine, the list grows each day.  That’s why we’re asking you, the person of conscience, to help contribute in whatever way you can.  If you can donate now, you will be guaranteed your place in history.


Just as we try our best to keep our schools safe for our kids, our communities safe for our elderly and our public transportation accessible to the disabled, Americans want a safe, friendly and hate-free Internet.   Nobody can completely police the entire world-wide-web.   All we want to do is to get Facebook to wake up and pull the plug on hate pages aimed at all minority groups, including the Jewish People.

Many major individuals and organizations have already lent their support.  A few of them are listed below.  Thank you again for your time and for your support to Help Report Hate & Anti-Semitic Pages.

Success is only a few clicks away.

Help us.

Thank you very much for your support,

Michael Mendelson

Thank you to those Individuals and organizations who support Help Report Hate & Anti-Semitic Pages including: Online Hate Prevention Institute, Stand With Us and Stand With Us San Diego, Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Zionist Organization Of America, SFI Students For Israel, Boycott Watch, They Can’t & Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial From Social Media As Hate Speech (NB: all links go to the relevant Facebook pages)



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