Time To Stand Up

How to loose 28% of your followers on Facebook.

‘Help Report Hate And Anti Semitic Pages’ went from close to 15,000 likes to under 11,000 in just under 2 hours. The time it took for Facebook to filter it all out. Here’s the story, parents pay attention !!

Approximately 5 months ago we created a page. Went through all the steps slowly to get it done right. Started out to reach a larger audience outside of our ‘secret’ group that would allow us to take advantage of others to help us report other pages and open groups that are blatantly spewing hate, anti Semitism, Holocaust denial & conspiracy theories. Between asking for additional help, we also post the truth about Israel to contradict BDS’ers, stories of anti Semitism today, stories from the Holocaust to NEVER FORGET and just all around pro Jewish stories from around the world. To avoid entertaining members that may not be their “cup of tea” We’ve filtered out countries, set an age limit (17 & over), put close to 20 admins to ban those that may start trouble or to hide a comment should one use vulgar language. There have been many of times where we took horrific pages from our ‘secret group’ and transferred it to the page for quicker removals.

Trying to enhance our page gearing it toward our demonstration on Oct 14 10am in front of Facebook’s headquarters, we went back into the settings. Added a phone number, email address & links to our blogs. Then went back to check on every other available icon to make sure things were cool. Well…. They weren’t !! Facebook reset the age limit to ALL. Frantic as some of our content might be controversial, we quickly set it back to 17+, then bam !! Over 4,000 were removed, meaning those underaged saw some things they shouldn’t have. We are truly sorry for that & will do our best to make sure this doesn’t slip through the cracks again.

Parents these days are dealing with a whole new problem today with social media & Facebook being one of the worst of them all. There is only so much one can do to supervise your children’s use due to technology. No more do they only have a computer at home (were you can glance) you have armed them with cellphones where they can connect without your knowledge. Are you aware of their ‘likes’ or groups that they are in ? It’s high time you guys get a grip on it’s content. Bully pages, groups that make fun of others, religion that may not be what YOU are instilling in them, propaganda and conspiracy theories ? Don’t know where the list starts nor where it ends. The search bar is dangerous, friends adding them to groups they originally had no interest in and worse… Pages that ‘pay’ Facebook to gather more “likes” that end up in their news feeds. How many deaths have you read in the news over bullying or being persuaded to do unlawful acts due to peer pressure ? Pages/groups that target a race, religion or gender ? Most are filled with conspiracy theories and our children take the word of a friend or a blog above the actual truth.

I urge you all to follow the few blogs we’ve written and hope you step up to the plate with us in this much needed protest. You can look for a phone number to call Facebook, but you won’t find one. They are very good at gathering our personal information, but can’t seem to put an end to some major flaws. Speak out !! We are now living in a world where social media is sidetracking the very values you are trying to instill in your children.

Save the date. October 14 10am Facebook’s HQ in Menlo Park, Ca. Tell your friends. Inform the media. Force Facebook to abide by the very community standards it put in place.

Michael Mendelson


2 thoughts on “Time To Stand Up

  1. Thank you for your wonderful It would be doubly wonderful if you can incorporate efforts to counteract all hate you come across. “All we need is Love”

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