Exposing Facebook’s Lack Of Morals

It’s urgent to get worldwide coverage on this event. Facebook must be held accountable for their blatant disrespect of many using social media. It is so important, that this must be exposed before plan B starts to take shape. Soon internet.org will gain momentum and the world will see 5 billion more users. We have seen social media’s power via the news of uprisings in third world countries. It just may be the cause of WWIII if this continues its course. We urge you all to get involved with this event whether attending, promoting, sponsoring and most important, have this published in every newspaper. The reporting system has a major flaw. Captions as shown here are still up and do NOT violate “community standards”. Hope you are as outraged as we are !!

Many are not aware of the ‘dark’ side of social media, and certainly not the extent of it. Anti- Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, credible threats of violence pages, groups and profiles are running rampant throughout Facebook. We’ve created a page about 4 months ago and gained almost 12,000 likes. We have had success in removing many of these pages privately for about two years now. We have just uncovered several prostitution pages with filthy pictures, phone numbers and open email contacts. Some of these pages are ‘sponsored’ (paid to advertise), meaning that you have no choice but to see them, not something one can just block. My 16 year old gets these ads on his feeds. Does this belong in social media? We can monitor our children at home, but they all have smartphones these days. Cyber bullying continues to torment our youth. Amanda Todd took her life 10 months ago, yet these kids persist.

We have successfully removed over 500 pages this past year. With each successful removal the very same admins start anew and are replaced just as fast as we get them removed. That will be just one part of our demand letter & statement that we’ll be protesting. Yet there are well over 1,000 on our list.

Next step of action would be to hold a demonstration in front of Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. We have started promoting and working with authorities to gain the proper permits. All legal matters have been handled and police protection has been arranged. That’s where your help is needed. We are asking for your support in promoting the event further. We have close to 300 people attending, but want to attract thousands more. (See blog link on the bottom). The date is October 14, 2013 at 10am.

Online Hate Prevention, Stand With Us & Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors are also onboard as they are aware of the severity.

We must do this for the safety of our children. It’s our duty to keep FB clean. There is a possibility of another demonstration at the same time in NYC. Will keep you posted on that, but goal remains in California where my friends and I will be.

Michael Mendelson

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A link to “our” page

You may be asking yourself, “it can’t be that bad. So here are just a pics off of these pages. Follow some links for yourself. If you find some broken, it only means we reached success in removing it, but there are over 1,200 on file just as vile.


Beginning stage of our demand letter. Should have it completed very soon.

We believe Facebook is one of this century’s most important communications tools not only in the United States but globally. We believe Facebook Inc has a social responsibility to run the Facebook platform is fair and transparent manner. We commend Facebook for prohibiting Hate Speech in its terms of service, but feel this does not go far enough. We also believe, based on our own observations, that the provisions against hate speech that currently exist are not seriously or effectively enforced.

We call on Facebook to:
1. Revert back to the only rule under which ‘hateful speech’ was prohibited rather than ‘hate speech’. This captures a far wider variety of hate, and Facebook should not condone the use of its platform as a channel for hate against any individual or group.

2. Have a person properly review the first complaint about any content. Algorithms for identifying hate are fine when they are identifying hate in the system themselves, but if a person takes the time to make a report, Facebook must take sufficient staff time to properly consider it.

3. Be transparent about the way complaints are reviewed. If a large volume of complaints are made about the same content in a relatively short period of time, then it is fair for a certain number of those to be logged and dismissed without reviewing the content again, however:

a. Users must be told this is what happen to their report
b. A sufficient number of complaints should trigger a fresh assessment by a different reviewer or manager
c. Additional fresh assessments should occur periodically (based on elapsed time or volume of complaints) and at each point of escalation a more senior Facebook staff member should review the reports.
d. It should be possible for a sufficiently serious complaint (relative to all other complaints) to rise all the way up to the CEO and the board for final determination if it is not upheld earlier on, and keeps being reported on mass.
4. Improve quality control of the complaints process. Facebook should conduct random audits of complaints and publically report on the percent of complaints that on review are decided wrongly. Facebook should also set an expected quality of service for complaint handling and take steps to address the problem when the quality drops below this threshold. We believe there is an extreme bias against upholding complaints, and that that right now so many complaints are wrongly dismissed that a tossing a coin to make the decision would on average give a better result than Facebook’s manual review.

5. Work with local NGOs that focus on hate speech in each of the countries in which Facebook has users. Most of Facebook’s audience is outside the United States and the nature of hate speech differs country by country. Facebook can’t focus just on American partners to assist it in recognising hate. Facebook needs to directly work with and learn from local organisations fighting hate speech around the globe. Facebook should run a more open consultation on policy matters and invite these organisations to participate.
Recognise Holocaust denial as a form of hate speech. Facebook’s continued refusal to acknowledge Holocaust denial as a form of hate speech is a disgrace that must be fixed. This issue will not go away until Facebook fixes it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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