Open Plea For Help

To whom it may concern,

My name is Michael Mendelson and I am a concerned citizen that is working to remove hate pages from Facebook. My goal is for this letter to make it all the way to the desk of every major official in government and mainstream media. Today, there are many major issues with social media and Facebook is the main target for now because millions use it daily and they have no one (not even themselves) regulating its content. In it, you will find anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, credible threats of violence (including promoting Jihad), graphic nudity, solicitation of prostitution, open targets of ethical, racial and religious groups/pages and profiles running rampant through it. Some pages are so violent that we have contacted the FBI, but to no avail. These pages are still in existence and seen by countless numbers of people every day.

We are a group of over 10,000 (and growing!) that are reporting such pages to Facebook. It usually takes thousands of reports to get Facebook’s attention in order to have them removed. We hope that somehow you can intervene to help us before our protest that is scheduled for Oct 14 at 10am. If there is no way that you can help us before then, then can you please join us at our protest to make them accountable for holding to the very “community standards” they have set forth for all? At this time, there is no customer service with a live operator that can look into our *very* credible violators. We find this to be unacceptable for a company that’s worth billions. Free speech is our freedom in the great United States, but this goes above and beyond. We are not talking about one or two pages here, but literally *thousands*. (on file)

The way things are set up now, *anyone* can create a page or an open group to spew all the horrible things that we mentioned above. If we are lucky with finally getting a removal, a new one replaces it within hours. There is no reprimand for these violators, and all they have to do is start anew. This is a major business that relies on such pages “promoting” by (paying) their causes to gain “likes” and immunity from getting removed. Having said this, yes… We can block a person we don’t want to see, but we can’t close our eye to “sponsored” pages or open groups spewing hatred. And still with the convenient *search bar* they are also clearly visible.

You have to keep in mind that our children are trolling this site via their computers, tablets, and smartphones. As parents, we can not supervise them 24/7. We must take action before more people get hurt. Some have already made good on their threats and the results have been tragic. Do we need another Amanda Todd who took her life almost 10 months ago over this ? Believe it or not, we still fight new pages for her to this *day* that won’t let her rest in peace ! Do we need people to gang up against an ethnic group, gender, sexual preference or religious belief to have a FREE platform to spread hatred around the world? Why hasn’t Facebook been contacting the authorities on true credible threats of violence ? As an American, I hold the company responsible.
We appreciate your time and attention to this very important matter facing our nation and its people in these very “connected” times. I look forward to hearing from you soon and together we can help stop the spread of callous hate and save countless lives.

With regards,

Michael Mendelson

This has been emailed and sent certified mail to

Us Department Of Justice

Department Of Homeland Security

Will list all journalists and media sources after confirmationImage

6 thoughts on “Open Plea For Help

  1. You have my support and total dedication to this cause! It is despicable some of the things that are also being said on other websites, such as utube. IT HAS TO STOP!!! Freedom of Speech has to have some limits.

  2. You are doing a GREAT job Michael! we support you and only have to thank you very much for your leadership and amazing initiative! G-d bless you!!!

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