Explaining The Rally. Demonstration At FB On Oct 14

Facebook Inc.
1601 Willow Rd
Menlo Park, Ca. 94025

Event created by:
Remove Hate From Facebook
Michael Mendelson

Guest speakers
Michael Mendelson
Fred Taub
Randi Susan Klein
More to be announced

Sponsored by (All will be non bipartisan)
Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors http://www.cjhsla.org
Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sign-Petitions-to-Ban-Holocaust-Denial-from-Social-Media-as-Hate-Speech/587130521301544?fref=ts
Boycott Watch http://www.boycottwatch.com
Pamela Geller

Co Sponsors
Fred Taub, Rebecca Thomas, Lisa Alberts, Erin Kourtney, Mel Korn, Bat Zion Sacks Michal Deckel. And will add 100’s more

Many of you may be asking yourselves so many questions surrounding this event – why is it important to attend and show your support, where is it being held, what is the purpose and what we are trying to achieve? I will do my best to answer as many of these questions as possible. If I have missed anything you feel is important or would like to contribute to this blog, please speak up and help make this event the biggest success possible.

Why is this cause so important ?
Facebook is a social utility intended to connect people from around the globe. We can all remember the day we signed up expecting a fun and social experience that made time and space seem insignificant. Family and friends never seemed so close. You could share your joys and your sorrows, laugh at jokes, keep up with the latest news, become a member of a group or “like” a page, even benefit from corporate offers and so much more. And all in the name of entertainment. Facebook has become an important part of our daily lives and admittedly for many of us, our browser homepage.

As Facebook continues to penetrate deeper into our lives, our interests have been shifted and our attention has been drawn elsewhere. With a convenient toolbar, we are now exposed to the dark side of social media. It is no longer about our interests rather about sponsored pages, open groups and live feeds that tell us far more than we could ever have imagined. Anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, bullying, pedophilia, gender discrimination, credible threats of violence, pornographic content, jihadist propaganda, harassment and PURE HATRED towards gender, race, and religion are just the tip of the iceberg. The “block” feature is not enough ! You can’t erase those hateful words directed at you or forget you ever saw that heinous picture calling for the annihilation of a religious group. What are we supposed to do ? Take the time out to report it ? We just get a message back stating “it does not violate community standards”, so that doesn’t help unless we alert many friends to act upon it & even then the chances of removal are slim to none. If your lucky, the offender may get a warning like a slap on the hand. What about the people that gather together reporting pages/groups/profiles that spend hours trying to clean up Facebook’s contents that are in 100% violation ? Did the results change ? Again, the answer is no. No matter how bad the offense may be, it seems our hands are tied. You can google, bing, ask.com, yahoo, aol or use any search engine and you will NOT find a number to call. Human contact is nonexistent, there is no humanity.

So where do we stand ? We are outraged !! It’s time to focus on these issues surrounding the social media. It is no secret (even acknowledged by FB) that there is a serious problem however their team of employees are not working hard or fast enough to control and contain this threat. The world needs to know what is happening. We will carry signs saying that Facebook allows hate and prejudice even though it is a far cry “free speech”. Facebook is giving people a platform to transmit hate. It’s doing absolutely nothing to remove these pages/groups/profiles unless it hits a certain amount of complaints and only THEN will they look into it and finally remove the violators. Yet for every successful removal spawns the very same violators into creating a replacement. Now even under false headings within the hour. Do we as viewers need to be exposed to gory or offensive content when we are not looking for it ? Is a post credible because it’s a YouTube link ? A link from a blog ? A cartoon picture, but not look at the caption ? We will demonstrate for the sake of our children/grandchildren (all of whom have smartphones), for the honor of our dwindling survivors, for the memory of those that have perished, to save a life who takes such things to heart and hold Facebook accountable for the very “community standards” they put in place that they expect us to abide by, but choose to turn a blind eye to those who don’t.

We are demanding very little from a company that’s worth billions. We are demanding first and foremost to encourage dialog by having a customer service number making it possible to speak with a live person. Your “easy” to report icon is no longer enough. You’re computer savvy programmers can easily implement a command that would make it impossible to publish a page/group/profile with simple key words such as fuck, bastard, shit, hitler, kill, behead, death or sex to name just a few. To implement a command for those that have previously violated by removal from creating a new page/group. Should deny all obvious fake accounts from being created. Ban repeat offenders for longer than 30 days. To give “us” the watchdog group a special number to call and alert. The possibilities are endless.

The time has now come for you to stand up with us on Oct 14 to show you care. To tell Facebook that THEY created community standards and must uphold to them. This negative attention will finally put Facebook in the hot seat and force them to make the necessary changes. It will alert the police when crimes are committed and go a step further with the FBI for more serious offenders. It’s not up to it’s users to locate and do this work for them. My hopes are for the mainstream and international media show up and expose this ! Make Facebook what it’s initial intentions were supposed to be…. A social utility for connecting people not for dividing them by hate.

Facebook does not allow pictures of nudity or graphic violence, comments that harass, annoy, or target an individual, or hate speech. The latter includes comments that target an ethnic, racial or religious group. And 9 months now since Amanda Todd took her life over much of what has been covered here, we still have a daily task of trying to remove those pages.

Therefore, by its own standards, and in keeping with the majority of international opinion where in many countries Holocaust Denial is a crime, Facebook can and should ban Holocaust Denial pages and groups as a form of hate speech. The goal is to get face book to change its policy of allowing holocaust denial pages, and to put an algorithm in place which automatically weeds out these pages. Don’t confuse this with free speech.

For those that sample links of just 200… Feel free to email me for it. You must prove to be over 21 to get a copy !!



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