The Demonstration At Facebook’s Headquarters

Facebook Inc.
1601 Willow Rd
Menlo Park, Ca. 94025
October 14th 2013 10am

Event created by
Remove Hate From Facebook
Michael Mendelson

Guest speakers
Michael Mendelson
Fred Taub
More to be announced

Sponsored by (all will be non bipartisan)
Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors & FB
Boycott Watch
Sign Petitions To Ban Holocaust Denial
Others to be announced

Co sponsors
Fred Taub

We are demanding that Facebook give us an actual direct phone number to their report department. We have found that many pages/groups and profiles do violate community standards that Facebook has put in place for us to abide by, yet they are not standing by their own rules that have been implemented. We also demand the police or in some instances the FBI look into where these profiles are coming from.

Facebook has acknowledged this problem for some time now, but they haven’t done much as far as restructuring it. Our hopes are of a huge turnout including local, mainstream and international media which will pick up on this and expose this problem around the globe.

We are not trying to take away freedom of speech. What we are saying, though, is that social media should not be used as a FREE platform to allow anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, pedophilia, bullying, anti-gender, Jihadist and other credible threats of violence pages/groups or profiles to be available to anyone including young children to see with a simple search in the toolbar. Violators should be held accountable for what they have done and continue to do.

As of now, we are expecting a large turnout of close to 1,000 on October 14, 2013. On our side, we will have ‘The Simon Wiesenthal Center’ and a couple of great speakers (to be announced once we get 100% confirmation).

This is a personal event consisting of ordinary concerned citizens. We are not a non-profit or any type of organization. Having made that point clear, there will be some expenses which you may help us with which would be paid directly to the source.

1. There is no parking. We need a shuttle to bring people in.

2. Protest signs need to be designed and then printed for our demonstrators to hold.

3. Some guest speakers are asking for just the minimum to be able to attend. They need transportation and lodging.

Other ways you can help without it costing you anything:

If you plan on showing up or not, please email or call anyone who can grow or gain recognition to this event. Please contact local, mainstream and international news outlets. Also, you can contact organizations that would support us and ‘Pages’ you ‘like’ on Facebook and so on.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can bring back what Facebook’s initial intentions WERE. We were able to connect with old friends, keep connected with family, post happy or hardships in our life. We could also post pictures of our families and stay informed by many worthwhile pages and news without the worry of being personally attacked. Are you with us?

Michael Mendelson



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