Demonstration October 14 2013 Facebook Headquarters

Our FB campaign


Monday October 14 2013 we will come together to rally in front of Facebook”s headquarters

Facebook Inc.

1601 Willow Rd

Menlo Park, CA. 94025

Demonstration wil start at 10 am. We’ve had enough of our VERY credible reports fall on deaf ears. Each time we have success in removing one… 5 more appear. Grinding water is an understatement. We are searching for Facebook to comply with our efforts to speak with a real employee within the company (valid phone number) to look into all pages/groups and profiles that clearly violate “community standards” This has become a serious problem that must be fixed. We hope that many of you will join us, as I’m sure the outrage is mutual. This cause is all out of pocket. No donations needed, your help and commitment is all that’s necessary.

Facebook has announced a policy of allowing Holocaust Denial and Anti-Israeli pages on its site under the guise of free speech. The first amendment only applies to state action. Therefore, it does not apply to facebook, which is a private company. Furthermore, we believe that these pages violate face books terms of service in that they target a religious group.

With a quick and easy search you can find such pages, plus many more. Uncovered were other pages/groups & profiles while on a different mission. So here we go to expose those as well. Credible threat of violence, bully, under age child pornography, women’s rights violations, ¬†and then some. Amanda Todd has been very hurtful as well. The poor girl committed suicide about 9 months ago due to bullying. Pages keep popping back up again & again. We are running out of energy on trying to put an end to 100’s if not 1000’s of them.

One thing is freedom of speech, but what we have here is far worse and beyond comprehension. Not enough that bloody pictures, young girls pics with terrible captions remain untouched, so do videos since they seem appropriate to post since it’s “YouTube approved” Not only do we want or demand an actual employee to speak with, we also are looking for police to get involved to interrogate these admins & creators of these topics in question. FBI should also be involved with those who are really looking for a platform to gather a following that one day just may make good on their threats. Nothing has seemed to work for us & the time is NOW for the mainstream media to get involved to help “control” a company that has lost it, but could bring it back with minimal effort.

“Face book states that it allows these hate pages under the auspices of the first amendment. The US Constitution only applies to State action. The Constitution only prohibits the states from interfering with our rights. Face book is a private company. It is not a government. Therefore, the first amendment is not applicable.”

Furthermore, face book says it does not allow hate speech on its site. Yet, what we have here clearly falls into the category of hate speech…” (Then give your examples of the you tube videos it allow which show violence against women or young girls).

Michael Mendelson

Feel free to contact me via email on how you can help

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